Old school: after the hunt

Print. Original is mixed media on 12" x 24" canvas (collection of the artist).

(This piece was previously titled "Near Churchill, Manitoba, 1957")

This is indeed a person shouldering moose antlers, walking on a lake in the Canadian sub-Arctic. It also happens to be an image of my father, based on a photo that he took of himself in 1957 when he was in the Canadian airforce (air/sea rescue) at a base at Churchill, Manitoba. He met my mother there, sold the little Piper Cub aircraft on skis that brought him alone to this spot, bought a 1959 Volkswagen Beetle, and headed to the west coast to start a family. This also speaks to human connection with nature, including the sense of something that is mostly lost. This image could be from a thousand years ago.

This artwork is available as a reproduction in various sizes and by different methods (paper, metal, etc.).


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