A load of firewood (after Lawren Harris)

Print. Original is mixed media on 24" x 30" canvas (private collection).

This is titled after a beautiful work by Lawren Harris called "A load of fence posts" (1911). Harris was a key member of Canada’s Group of Seven, and I first saw his painting--and was greatly moved by it--in the McMichael Gallery near Toronto, Ontario. One can learn a lot from emulating the work of master artists, and no exception here. (The word "after" in the title means that I'm acknowledging the guy who came up with the concept.) This is an imaginary landscape based on the rolling benchland above BC's Fraser River, in the Cariboo Country. It has received kind feedback from rural people especially, for whom it resonates.

This artwork is available as a reproduction in various sizes and by different methods (paper, metal, etc.).


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