Welcome to my new website

Lynx (detail)

Well, that was and is an interesting experience (setting up a website, that is), and for sure an ongoing one. I've designed and provided content for a number of websites, but never actually set one up myself. The Shopify template was sort of easy to use, but there were some counter-intuitive things about it for me, as a rookie. Telephone help from Shopify has been great so far, which is much appreciated. There doesn't seem to be much of a queue at 11pm on a Sunday night...

The image above is a detail of a lynx portrait I painted in pastel about ten years ago. Although I've been making art all of my life, I returned to it in earnest about ten years ago, so the image seems apt. I'm not sure what turn this blog will take, but maybe it'll be an account of progress as I develop a larger art enterprise and reach out to more people. I'll likely post more frequently on social media, but probably differently.

cheers - Jim


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